HackIndia is India's largest hackathon yet, and it's bringing together an amalgamation of passionate developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Hosted by Bangalore's PES University, and sponsored by GitHub and Pebble among other tech companies, HackIndia aims to bring the hacking culture to India.

Make anything that you like - as long as it's from scratch - in the 24-hour hackathon: the possibilities are endless. We're open to all kinds of projects: India is the last place where one would not expect to see diversity!


  • No age restrictions
  • No online submissions - you must register on hackindia.io before the event, and sign in on the day of the event at the venue
  • You can participate individually, or in a team of up to 4 people
  • You do not have to register as a team - just remember to add your team members when you submit your project on ChallengePost
  • You may work on something that you have already started, but you won't be eligible for prizes!


  • You may create anything - it can involve software, hardware, or both
  • There is no specific theme: feel free to create anything that you think would be awesome!
  • To be eligible for prizes, you must create something from scratch at HackIndia
  • Include screenshots and a demo video (if possible) in your submission

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How to enter

  1. Register on ChallengePost
  2. Register for HackIndia (make sure you've RSPV'd)
  3. Read the rules, watch the API demos, and come talk to us if you want ideas or need to find teammates
  4. Make anything that you want from scratch!
  5. Enter your submission - remember to take screenshots, or better, record a demo video, and add your team members
  6. Make sure you have submitted your project by 12pm on Sunday (note: you can save a draft of your submission at any point, so start early!)
  7. Demos will be science-fair styled, and will last approximately two hours. You will be given space to set up your project, and the judges (and others) will come around to see your demo. You are also free to go around and see others' demos!


Yogendra Vasupal

Yogendra Vasupal
Founder & CEO, StayZilla

Benson Samuel

Benson Samuel
CTO, Coinsecure

Arpita Ganesh

Arpita Ganesh
Founder & CEO, Buttercup

Judging Criteria

  • Will be announced later

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